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April 2011, Labels Extreme was founded with the intention of supplying engraved ABS labels to home and industrial users, and to supply a small niche market of goods and services that had been lacking in other engraving shops with custom designs and one-off production runs for hobbyists.

This has progressed over time, and now incorporates the field of Luthiery - which is the making of stringed instruments - such as Guitars, Ukuleles and so on... in the art of Pearl Inlays, an art-form that has been sadly lacking as a profession within Australia.  Thousands of Luthiers have found it necessary to produce their own pearl inlays by hand, an endeavour taken on and produced beautifully by some; all artists in their own rights, while others finding it too daunting a task, opt for a simpler method of decal transfers, or no decoration at all.

With further progression - and machinery upgrades - as an extension to the services to Luthiers, Labels Extreme is now able to produce 'standard' and custom made templates for hobby and professional Luthiers nationally and internationally.  All produced to a high accuracy on custom designed and built CNC machinery.

Still keeping with the original concept of producing small quantity production runs in ABS, the core of the business has remained unchanged, but the range of services has increased over time to encompass a larger base of customer potential.  This has not been undertaken to be 'competition' to the guitar supply shops and you'll find no spare parts here, only quality made accessories for you guitar making projects.

Please feel free to look around!  There are no restrictions while you browse the store.  The Labels Extreme store has been designed with browsing as a priority, and maybe - just maybe - you'll see something that might spark an idea for a future project.  As always, if you have a specific idea in mind, we're only an e-mail away!


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