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  • Q1 - Can you do a 12th fret inlay and how much does it cost?

    A1 - Ok, so let's start off with the most common question I get, which always comes in 2 parts...
    "Can you do a 12th fret inlay..." - Yes I can because it's one of the many things I do and the answer is a simple one.
    "... how much does it cost?" - Well, let me ask you this as a comparative question - How big is my office? If you answered that you have no idea, then that's exactly the answer I have for costing of inlays. You can't tell me how big my office is because you've never seen it.
    I need much, much more information before I can give you an estimate on your inlay costs and here's a few things I need to know -
      • What overall size it is.
      • The inlay material/materials.
      • The base that it's going into.
      • Is it a flat or curved surface.
      • What is the design you want.
      • How many pieces are in it.
      • What size are the pieces.
      • (plus a few more things that will be specific to YOUR job).
    So you can easily see from this, that there are many things to consider when estimating a cost for inlay. I can take a guess, but remember... it's a guess and will be completely wrong when it all comes down to it.

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