Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions...

  • Q1 - Can I get a fully customised engraving done?
  • A1 - Of course! Naturally, there's a few details that I would need to know... what size you want, what colour, how high the engraved text is - and of course what it is you need engraved.
    As with all customised work, I can give you a guess on price if I only know a few details, but to give an exact price, I would need to know the exact details for your creation.

  • Q2 - Everything looks plastic, can I get real metal?
  • A2 - Everything is plastic (mostly...), in fact it's called ABS. Even the metal look name tags are plastic.
    I can, generally speaking, do real metals - but it's limited to some of the softer metals, such as brass, bronze, silver and the like. I try and avoid stainless steel because of technical details, but it is also possible... (although, I try and avoid it)

  • Q3 - I have a big label that I need made, what size can you engrave up to?
  • A3- Pretty big! The machine I use mostly can do 600mm x 400mm in one pass, but I can also do a little production trickery and 'index' the label to get bigger again. With anything bigger, I would need to use another machine, which can do 1200mm x 800mm - but there is less accuracy. Generally, the raw sheets come in 1220mm x 610mm, so that's the biggest that can ever be done as a standard engraving.

  • Q4 - What about UV rating - can I leave the labels in the sun?
  • A4 - Ouch... that's a hard one to answer! The technical specs on the raw sheets say that the materials are UV rated, and from my experience, they are - up to a certain point!
    Honestly, I'll say that the plastics will tolerated a bit of sunshine, but to leave the label in the outdoors for any length of time will damage them - That is to say, they will look a little shabby after a time. There is NO plastic on earth that will stand the Sun's forces for ever. How long depends on where it is - outside in the shade will be better than outside in direct sun... Inside in the sun will be better than outsides in the shade...
    If you purchase a name tag, generally the UV wouldn't be a problem because of the nature of the product and how it is used.

  • Q5 - Can you do international languages?
  • A5 - No problems... Except... because I don't read, write or speak anything other than English, you would need to confirm any multi-cultural text because I would be engraving with no idea what it is.

  • Q6 - Can you do braille signage?
  • A6 - Sorry no... not really. It's a specialty item on its own which requires special equipment. I don't have any real call for it so as a business decision, I'm better off to not have another $20k of equipment that MIGHT be used one day.

  • Q7 - ... what about vinyl signage?
  • A7 - Again, that takes special equipment that I have made a decision to not have. Besides, it gets away from my core function of engraving.

  • Q8 - Some of your products look pretty crappy when I look at the pictures - why?
  • A8 - Weeeeellll... Ummmm... That's my fault...
    I'm a good engraver - but a terrible photographer! Please be assured that the finished product will be better than any of my rubbish pictures!

  • Q9 - Are you REALLY in Australia, or just one of the Chinese companies trying to fool me?
  • A9 - Yep, I'm an Aussie from way back... 5th generation as a matter of fact! The family has been here since the 1870's and I share your concerns about under-handed manufacturers trying to fob off their wares as 'local manufactured' when they're located off shore. Everything listed in this store is designed here, made here, posted from here and can be truly claimed as MADE IN AUSTRALIA!

  • Q10 - I've seen similar products made in China for much cheaper, can you match the price?
  • A10 - An easy one to answer... No - you'll need to go buy it from China.

  • Q10a - ... but I've seen the exact same photo of yours listed from a Chinese company!
  • A10a - Yeah, well... They make plenty of song-and-dance about their manufacturing, but when it gets boiled down, they are expert at stealing things but terrible designers. It's easier to take my pictures, slap a web address watermark on it and call it their own.

    Luthier Questions...

  • Q1 - Can you do a 12th fret inlay and how much does it cost?

  • A1 - Ok, so let's start off with the most common question I get, which always comes in 2 parts...
    "Can you do a 12th fret inlay..." - Yes I can because it's one of the many things I do and the answer is a simple one.
    "... how much does it cost?" - Well, let me ask you this as a comparative question - How big is my office? If you answered that you have no idea, then that's exactly the answer I have for costing of inlays. You can't tell me how big my office is because you've never seen it and I can't cost your inlay because I don't know what you want.
    I need much, much more information before I can give you an estimate on your inlay costs and here's a few things I need to know -
      • What overall size it is.
      • The inlay material/materials.
      • The base that it's going into.
      • Is it a flat or curved surface.
      • What is the design you want.
      • How many pieces are in it.
      • What size are the pieces.
      • (plus a few more things that will be specific to YOUR job).
    So you can easily see from this, that there are many things to consider when estimating a cost for inlay. I can take a guess, but remember... it's a guess and will be completely wrong when it all comes down to it.

  • Q2 - I'm pumped for time, can I get an urgent inlay done?

  • A2 - Maybe... but as everyone else tells me that their job is urgent, you'll just go on the list of other urgent jobs to be done.
    Seriously though, guitar building is a long and slow process and I'm pretty sure that you've had PLENTY of time to think about inlays before it gets to the urgent stage. Plan ahead and order early... then you will have your inlay ready to go without needing it urgent.

  • Q3 - Can I get a custom designed template/form made up?

  • A3 - Sure, as long as you send the design you need. I can take your sketches and make them into a finished product.

  • Q4 - What sort of computer file should I supply?

  • A4 - I can convert most CAD designs, so the simplest option is to send what you have, and we can take it from there...
    If there's a problem, we can work through it until we get the design transfer sorted out.

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