OM Guitar Form - No Cutaway

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Acoustic Guitar Form - OM (Orchestra Model) size without Cutaway for Luthiers and Guitar Builders

An MDF guitar form (also called a mould or mold) for Luthiers and acoustic guitar makers for shaping guitar sides after steam bending and/or holding the sides while completing the work. This is an 'OM' size with no cutaway shape.

With 5 layers of 12mm MDF, this is a perfect depth of 60mm and allows enough room for attaching bindings.
A custom designed hinge system holds the two halves together with a 6mm aluminium pin and locks the form tight as a single piece. Easily knock a pin out with a pin punch (or a 5mm bar or screw driver) to separate the halves to remove the moulded sides.
Cut to size with a CNC and laminated with Titebond glue, the inner and outer forms have a 3mm gap to allow space for the bent sides to fit perfectly. Flats machined onto each end allows the form to be stood upright on a bench and flats machined on the inner form allow positions to easily place clamps. Shown as a right hand model, but turned upside down, a lefty can be made.

A complete system, this comes with the outer forms, the inner forms and 2 pins for locking the halves together.

The details -

  • Upper bout width - 287.5mm ( 11 & 5/16" )
  • Lower bout width - 381mm ( 15" )
  • Waist - 237mm ( 9 & 21/64" )
  • Body length - 492mm ( 19 & 3/8" )
  • Form size - 471mm X 600mm X 60mm (Width X Length X Height)

Please note that this is a raw MDF product and it is suggested to apply a coat of polyurethane prior to use. Read measurements carefully and determine if this form is right for you...

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